Bring Elegance to
Any Living Space With
Luxurious Cowhide & Sheepskin Home Decor

Bring Elegance to
Any Living Space With
Luxurious Cowhide & Sheepskin Home Decor

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Add Warmth and Style with Super Durable Cowhide and Sheepskin

Give your home a comfortable ambiance with our high-quality products.
We are a trusted supplier of cowhides and sheepskins fashioned into products made especially for your living spaces. We also offer design services to our customers.

A Company You Can Trust for Exceptional Products

With 35 years’ experience in this service-oriented business, you won’t find a more helpful and friendly team to assist you with your needs. You can rely on us to offer you the products or design solutions that will fit your requirements – whether you are an induvial or designer.

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Choose From Our Wide Selection of Much Sought After Cowhide and Sheepskin Products

Whether you need a rug for a classic look or one with a more elegant feel, we have you covered. With our wide rang of cowhide and sheepskin products, you will definitely find something that will fit both your style and budget.

Let Us Help You Decorate

We work with really good designers every day and stay up on “what’s in” and “what’s not” from color to texture to what is trending today. We can work with you directly, or with your designer, to find exactly what works best in a particular application. Whether it’s a sisal rug lined with cowhide border or a Tibetan throw in just the right color we have it.

Consider This

We are not just trying to sell you an item like a cowhide rug, but we will be doing out absolute best to assist you in decorating your space to the utmost of your satisfaction. There is a big difference, and you will see it immediately when you contact us or visit one of our stores. Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to assisting you!